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Australian Acoustics Society Prizes for experimental research in acoustics

Australian Acoustics Society Prizes for experimental research in acoustics

The Australian Acoustics Society (AAS) is sponsoring prizes for high school students who conduct research in the field of acoustics. The Unit 2 option: 'How instruments make music?' is closely aligned with acoustics. Similarly the Sound features in the Unit 4 Are of Study on Waves.

So any of the topics below would be ideal for the Practical Investigations in either the Unit 2 or Unit 4.

Some possible acoustics-related topics for practical investigations include:

  • Frequency response of a stringed instrument - How does the contribution of different harmonics depend on parameters such as tension in the string and heaviness of the string?
  • How can school corridors be made quieter?
  • How do the acoustics change in a hall as it fills with more people?
  • Measuring acoustic standing waves.

as well as experments in psychoacoustics, such as

  • loudness vs frequency tests,
  • perception of pitch vs duration of click,
  • localising the source of sound vs frequency,
  • the missing fundamental,
  • the Franssen Effect

Prizes: First Prize: $500, Second Prize: $250, Third Prize: $100

Entries must be by an individual student and should be sent to Australian Acoustics Society at Australian Acoustics Society by the second Friday of Term 4. Entries will be shortlisted by the Vicphysics Teachers' Network Committee with prize winners determined by members of the Australian Acoustics Society.