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Girls in Physics Breakfasts: An Invitation

A series of Girls in Physics Breakfasts are being organised for 2018. The events are for girls in Years 10 - 12.

There will be three events in Melbourne and three events in regional Victoria at Ballarat, Bendigo and Geelong. Each of the events in Melbourne will have a different speaker and be held in different parts of Melbourne.

We invite young women who are either in the early stages of their career in physics or engineering, or doing a PhD or are an undergraduate, to share breakfast with the girls. There is no cost.

The students will be seated at tables with students from other schools. At each table we will place two young women. Over breakfast, the students can query them about their life and work.

The speakers, dates and venues will be determined in December 2017.

If you would like to be involved, please complete the details below or email them to Vicphysics. If you have a 'Working with Children Check,, that will be useful to know, but if you don't, please still register.



Qualification (achieved or in progress): *

University(ies) of your qualification:*

Work place (current, if post university):*

Brief description of what you do:*

Do you have a Working with Children Check?:*

Breakfast(s) you wish to attend:*

Any dietary requirements:*

Name of school you attended (optional):

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Each year the Australian Institute of Physics (AIP) appoints a 'Women in Physics' lecturer. Her role is to visit each state and territory to give a series a talks at schools and universities. The lecturer is likely to be the speaker at the final breakfast in July or August.




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Invitation to young women to attend the Girls in Physics Breakfasts

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Invitation to young women to attend the Girls in Physics Breakfasts