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Girls in Physics Breakfasts: An Invitation

A series of six Girls in Physics Breakfasts were organised for 2018. The events are for girls in Years 10 - 12 and young women embarking on a career in science or engineering.  Five events have been held, the last one is on Tuesday, 21st August at Monash University, Clayton campus.

We invite women who are either in the various stages of their career in physics or engineering, or doing a PhD or are an undergraduate, to share breakfast with the students. There is no cost to you.

The students will be seated at tables with students from other schools. At each table we will place two or three women. Over breakfast, the students can query them about their life and work. There is also an address by a prominent scientist, who will talk about her area of interest.

The speaker at the next breakfast will be Dr Ceri Brenner, the Australian Institute of Physics (AIP) Women in Physics Lecturer for 2018. Dr Brenner works at UK Research and Innovation. She is a physicist, using the most powerful lasers in the world to develop innovative imaging technology for medical, nuclear and aerospace inspection. She has a unique role that spans research, innovation and business development and is driving the translation of laser-driven accelerator research into industrial applications that impact our society. Her website has information about her researh and outreach activities.

Times: The Breakfast will start at 7:30am and finish about 9:30am.

This year the breakfast has been followed by activities for the students on Careers in STEM. Some women has stayed on and participated in the activities nominally for the benefit of the students, but found the activities gave them insights about their own careers. If you are able to stay on until 10:00am, please indicate in the space below.

A flyer for this breakfast with more details about the venue, the speaker and the topic are listed below.

Previous Breakfasts

  • 13th March, Hawthorn Speaker: Dr Sue Barrell, Chief Scientist, Bureau of Meteorology, Topic: Severe weather: How we forecast its impact.
  • 28th March, Ballarat Speaker: Dr Elizabeth Hinde, University of Melbourne, Topic: Glow in the dark: Using fluorescence to observe DNA in a living cell.
  • 20th April, Sunshine Speaker: Dr Laura Wolz, University of Melbourne Topic: Radio Astronomy through the eyes of a Cosmologist.
  • 27th April, Bendigo Speaker: Prof Frances Separovic, University of Melbourne, Topic: MRI for Molecules, Biophysics meets Cell Chemistry
  • 4th May, Geelong Speaker: Dr Gail Iles, RMIT, Topic: Human spaceflight and science in space

To register: Complete the details below.

If you have any queries, please email Vicphysics with subject 'Girls in Physics Breakfasts".



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These events are sponsored by:

  • ANSTO,
  • Vicphysics Teachers' Network,
  • the Victorian Branch of the Australian Institute of Physics,
  • the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Swinburne University,
  • the School of Engineering at Deakin University in Geelong,
  • the College of Engineering and Science at Victoria University,
  • the College of Science, Health and Engineering at La Trobe University,
  • the ARC Centre of Excellence in Future Low Energy Electronic Technologies (FLEET),
  • the Faculty of Science and Technology at Federation University
  • and supported by Federal Government's Inspiring Australia - Inspiring Science Program.