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VicPhys/STAV Conference 2018

2018 Physics Teachers Conference, Friday 16th February at La Trobe University, Bundoora VICTORIA

Program Description

The Program will include:

  • The Opening address by Andrew Hansen, the Chief Assessor, on the 2017 Physics Exam
  • Small Group discussions evaluating strategies for addressing poorly done exam questions
  • A VCAA Update Summary by Maria James, Science Manager
  • A keynote address on Black holes and merging neutron stars: frontiers in gravitational-wave astronomy by Dr Eric Thrane, Monash University
  • Three sessions of workshops
  • Extensive display of texts and equipment.
  • A Saturday program of excursion tasters and a medical physics in-service. You select one or more to attend. A two hour medical in-service at Peter Mac is also available.

Online registration is available at STAV.