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How are fields used to move electrical energy?

Unit 3 Electrical Energy: Planning resources and assessment

Other resources for Unit 3 Electrical Energy available are: Classroom Activities and Useful Websites.

Course planning

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Understanding Electricity and Circuits: What the textbooks don't tell you.

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A 12 page article by Ian Sefton of the University of Sydney, mentioned as a useful resource at the Unit 3 Course Planning Days in Nov 2016. Highly recommended.

Text Resources

  • VCE Physics: Electric Power, 1994, 2nd edn, National Electricity.

Audiovisual Resources

It is recommended that teachers should view any video before purchase.

  • Marcom Projects: Electrical Principles , Electricity Distribution, Electromagnetic Induction, Electromagnetism 1, 2, Magnets & Electricity, Electrical Components 3

Assessment Ideas




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Assessment Task: Operation of a Device for Electrical Energy Area of Study

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An Assessment Task

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From the previous course on a generating system.