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How do fusion and fission compare as viable nuclear energy power sources?

Material from Recent Physics Teachers Conferences and other sources




Microsoft Powerpoint


1.67 MB

Powerpoint by Dr David Hoxley and Bob Aikenhead of Latrobe University

Microsoft Word

Tritium: The Back Story

45.6 kB

A 3 page Word document about the properties, risks and uses of Tritium. The document was written following a sensationalised article that appeared in the Age in February, 2017.

Text Resources

  • Caro, McDonell & Spicer 1980, Modern Physics, 3rd edn, Edward Arnold, London.
  • Hore-Lacy, I & Hubery, R 1997, Nuclear Electricity: An Australian Perspective, Australian Mining Industry Council, Melbourne.
  • Rhodes, R 1988, The Making of the Atomic Bomb, Penguin.
  • Scheider, W 2001, A Serious but not Ponderous Book about Nuclear Energy, Cavendish Press, Ann Arbor, from Cavendish Science

Audiovisual Resources

It is recommended that teachers should view any video before purchase.

Marcom Projects: Nuclear Power, Einstein's Equation of Life and Death, What is Nuclear Energy?

Useful Websites

Assessment Ideas




Adobe PDF

Fear goes Nuclear

5.92 MB

Two articles on Fukoshima from a magazine, one four page and one three page.


Article on Fukushima

964 kB

An article comparing the risk of nuclear radiation from Fukushima with other health risks.


A Practice Media Response SAC on Chernobyl

152 kB

A practice SAC with sitting conditions, performance descriptors as well as questions.


Radioactivity SAC - Media Analysis

138 kB

A SAC tiitled 'Fukushima - All Hyped Up' with sitting conditions, performance descriptors as well as questions. Article is not included.