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Other Events for Teachers and Students


IMAX: Search for Life in Space, various times, 18th April onwards, Science Museum

Description: The Imax movie 'The Search for Life in Space' takes you from the surface of Mars and the icy moons of Jupiter and Saturn to the extreme lava fields of Hawaii and to toxic thermal vents deep beneath the Pacific Ocean. In these harsh environments, astrobiologists look for clues to how life takes hold—and how life might thrive on other planets. The Search for Life in Space is a December Media film produced in association with Film Victoria Australia and Swinburne University of Technology.

Cost: Normal Science museum costs

Check here for times. The website only shows times until 30th April, for times for later dates contact the Museum.

Physics Lectures for VCE Students: Relativity, 6pm Thursday, 4th May, University of Melbourne

The upcoming lectures for the remainder of Semester 2 are:

  • Aug 3rd Particle wave duality. Prof Harry Quiney
  • Sept 4th How to pass the exam Ms Clare Kenyon

The lectures are held in the Laby Theatre in the Physics Dept at the university.


Professional Learning Programs for STEM Teachers, full day, various dates from June to Dec, La Trobe University

In 2017 La Trobe University is offering science teachers in Victorian high schools a suite of Professional Learning Programs (PLPs). The PLPs support and up-skill secondary teachers by reinforcing content knowledge and understanding of new technologies and teaching tools to build confidence in the delivery of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education. The programs are designed to support teachers at all stages of their careers, from those just starting out to more experienced teachers. The emphasis is on Years 7 - 10.

Typically, the PLPs include an introductory lecture, practical workshops and opportunities for interaction with practising scientists and researchers. The presenters address current educational and industry context, new initiatives, and global trends, with a practical emphasis on classroom relevance. Teachers will return to their classrooms with fresh insights, renewed confidence, new ideas, and tools and techniques for communicating with their students.

Sessions run for a full day (9:00 to 3:30) and cost $250 per person. For more information on each program go to PLP or contact Madeline Toner, the Professional Learning Programs Coordinator or phone on 9479 8922

Dates:Physics: Friday, 16th June, Psychology: 21st July and 8th Dec (Bendigo), Engineering: 18th August, Maths: 24th November, Biology: 30th November Venues: Melbourne campus at Bundoora, except for Psychology on 8th Dec in Bendigo.