Supporting physics education in Victoria

Physics Teachers’ Conference, Friday, 19th February, 2021

Course Planning

Resources for designing a course, managing Unit 2 options, deciding on practical activities and developing assessment tasks

Online Teaching and Learning

Resources to assist teachers in adapting their courses to online teaching and learning, including the adjusted study design for 2020 only.

Professional Development

The next Physics Teachers’ Conference will be on Friday, 19th February, 2021.  It will be a virtual event.

Practical Investigations

Lists of topics, tips and advice on managing an investigation and compiling a poster; poster exemplars

Girls in Physics

Breakfasts: Students share a table with young women with careers in STEM. Program includes a speaker and careers activities


Lists on common misconceptions by Area of Study along with resources on identifying and correcting them


Posters, photos and videos for students. Previous winners, rules and prizes


New resources, events for students and the general public, events for teachers, recent findings in Physics research

Become a Vicphysics Subscriber

A Step by Step Guide to setting a subscription can be downloaded here. It will be particularly helpful if you are setting a school subscription.

Term: 1st March to end of February

Subscriptions will be free in 2020 and through to the end of February, 2021.

For continued benefits beyond the end of February, a paid subscription is required, which can be made from the beginning of the school year next year.  See below for details.

Subscribers become associate members of the Vicphysics Teachers’ Network.

Subscription benefits include:

  • Access to the Teachers section of this website,
  • Discounts on registration for in-services,
  • Discounts on student entries for competitions.