Beginning Physics Teachers Support

Support for New Physics Teachers: In-Services and a Mentor Scheme

The Vicphysics Teachers' Network is keen to assist physics teachers whether they are:

  • a) First Year Outs,
  • b) Teachers returning to Physics teaching after many years’ absence, or
  • c) Teachers who have been asked by their school to take physics.

The in-service program is a full day in-service during the Term 1 school holidays. The event is free and travel coverage is available for country participants.

The 2020 event to held on Tuesday, 31st March at Kew High School has been cancelledTo register for future events please enter your details below. Please include what you hope to get out of the day to assist us with designing the program. Below are details of previous programs.

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The Mentor Scheme. Several retired physics teachers have offered their services to support new teachers. The Network gives them a stipend to meet with the teacher once during Terms 2, 3 and 4 and to be available for phone and email contact. Teachers wishing to participate in this scheme should send an expression of interest containing their contact details and a statement of why they want to be involved in the scheme. The expression of interest should be accompanied by a letter of support from the Science Coordinator of the School Principal. The documents should be either posted to the Vicphysics mentor Scheme, PO Box 290, Flinders Lane, VIC 8009 or emailed to VicPhys with subject “Booking: Mentor Scheme”. Schools are welcome to fund additional support from the mentor.

Click here for Material prepared for the 2019 In-Service

Click here for Material prepared for the 2009 - 2018 In-Services

Material prepared for the 2019 In-Service

Session on Conceptual Understanding

Session on Practical Activities

The first session of the In-Service had 21 experiments and demonstrations set up around the room for the participants to check out. The first document below lists them all. For each of the 21, the document includes a copy of the worksheet or a weblink to it.

Material prepared for the 2009 - 2018 In-Services

Also check here for other files on course planning and here for exam solutions and exam reports by the Chief Assessor.