Seeking a Physics Teacher?

Vicphysics Teachers’ Network is often contacted by schools who are having difficulty finding a physics teacher to be a LSL replacement, to fill an ongoing position or just to cover an extended sick leave.

So we have decided to make our website and regular email newsletter available to schools to cover such short and long term physics teaching vacancies. The website which has over 600 visits per day will have a detailed description of the vacancy, while the fortnightly newsletter which is distributing to over 1000 working and retired physics teachers in Victoria will include a listing of all vacancies.

The cost is $100 for two months’ display. The payment is to be made through the ‘My Cart’ at the top right of this screen. Credit card is preferred, but EFT is available with the details of the bank account included in the confirming email. This email, which also has the ABN of Vicphysics and other relevant information is considered to the tax invoice. If the school wishes to also have a separate tax invoice prepared and sent, there may be an additional fee.

Information about the position, including who is placing the ad, to whom applications should be sent as well as specific details about the position, can be entered here. You then proceed to ‘My Cart’ for payment.


The school logo can also be included in the description of the vacancy, but the file should be sent as an attachment to Vicphysics.

Once the information has been submitted, the school will be contacted to confirm the bona fides of the vacancy.

Once payment has been made the description of the vacancy will be placed on the website. A document outlining these arrangements is available here.

Any queries can be sent to the Vicphysics link above.