Teacher Action on Climate Change

The Australian Institute of Physics (AIP)(Vic) Education Committee and the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI) (Vic) Chemical Education Group have established an initiative 'Science Teachers for Climate Awareness' (STCA) to support teachers in speaking to their communities on the concerns of climate change. The AIP Committee has prepared a range of resources to assist them in this endeavour.

Teachers usually start by speaking to their peers at their school, then to their parent body, then to similar groups at their feeder schools before contacting local community groups.

If you wish to be involved please contact the AIP.

If you wish have a teacher speak to your group please contact the AIP.

Please note that we are currently in the process of tidying up these pages and there is some duplication of material between this page and the previous one. Material from the more recent STCA workshops is mostly on that page: Science Teachers for Climate Awareness Some of the material below has been updated and more recent versions will be found on that page.

Climate Change Workshop Material

Resources, Practical activities, Background on the Science Content, Useful Weblinks, Debunking Denier Myths

Additional information on

  • Papers presented at previous Physics Teachers Conferences,
  • Documents by the IPCC, and international and national Science bodies,
  • Teaching Resources,
  • What can I do to help
can be found on this website here.


Practical Activities

Background on the Science Content

Useful Weblinks

Debunking Denier Myths