Conference 2010

Conference proceedings

Some of the workshop material was submitted as ".xlsx" or ".pptx" files. The CMS software for the website is reading these files as ".zip" files. These files have been removed until an upgrade is installed.

For information about the 'Victorian Young Physicists' Tournament' and the 'Physics Photo and Video Clip Contests' go the "Events".

For Information about 'AIP Support for New Teachers: In-Services and Mentor Scheme' and the 'Travelling Scholarship' go to "News"

Addresses, Chief Assessor's Report,

Workshops, Audio Downloads

Opening Address and Physics Oration

The Chief Assessor's Report


A1, B9, D5: For these workshops on the Detailed Study 'Synchrotron', click here to go to the section of our website on the excursion, resources, etc.

A11: For this workshop on the Detailed Study 'Einstein's relativity', click here for other presentations over the years.

B3: For this workshop on 'Tips for Beginning Physics Teachers', click here.

C3, E3: For these workshops on 'Teacher Action on Climate Change', click here.

C14: For this workshop on 'Practical Activities for Photonics', click here.

Audio Downloads

These files will be uploaded progressively from Tuesday, 16th February. Unfortunately due to a timing error none of the Session C workshops were taped.