Conference 2011

2011 Physics Teachers Conference was held on Friday 18th and Saturday 19th February at Monash University, Clayton VICTORIA

The Program included

  • An opening address on 'Exploring student difficulties with mechanics and electricity' by Prof Dick Gunstone, Monash University accompanied by Pam Mulhall of the University of Melbourne and Brian McKittrick,
  • A Physics Oration on 'The Physics of the Large Hadron Collider' by Prof Geoffrey Taylor, University of Melbourne,
  • Five sessions of 50 workshops in the day and evening program on the Friday.
  • Extensive display of texts and equipment.
  • Saturday Tour of the Australian Synchrotron,the Soundhouse and the Victorian Space Science Education Centre.

The 'Victorian Young Physicists' Tournament' and the 'AIP Physics Photo and Video Clip Contests' were promoted at the conference. For details go the "Events".

The Committee's programs: 'Support for New Teachers: In-Services and Mentor Scheme' and the 'Travelling Scholarship' were also promoted. For information go to "News"

Conference Proceedings

Addresses, Chief Assessor's Report,

Workshops, Audio Downloads

Opening Address and Physics Oration

The Chief Assessor's Report


Workshops on specific Areas of Study: Material can be downloaded from the page for the Study. Click on link

  • A3: Applying Physics to Patient Care by Chris Fox, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. Medical Physics
  • B6: The Smarties model for Electric Circuits by Dr Christina Hart. Electricity
  • B7: Prac Ideas in Sound by Kelvin Barraclough, Gisborne Secondary College. Sound
  • B12: Teaching the Detailed Study - Further Electronics by Dr Murray Anderson, Camberwell Grammar School. Further Electronics
  • C7: Flight and the Use of Wind Tunnels by Dr Murray Anderson, Camberwell Grammar School and Peter Cheung, Nagle College. Flight
  • C12: Practical Activities for Light by Helen Lye, ACER, Dan O'Keeffe, AIP Education Committee. Unit 2 Light
  • C13: Practical Activities for Photonics by Craig Anderson and Mark McPherson, Leongatha Secondary College Photonics

Audio Downloads

Samples: The first 10 minutes of the presentation.

Audio files of the full presentation.