Conference 2012

See below for Conference Proceedings and information about the VCAA session on Exam Changes in VCE Physics

The Conference was held at Monash University and the program included:

  • An opening address by Dr Derek Muller of University of Sydney on 'Misconception Alchemy: Turning thought-lead into thought-gold'. Dr Muller is well known for his videos highlighting such misconceptions. Check the entry "Veritasium's Videos" at the page on Misconceptions.
  • A Physics Oration by Prof Tanya Monro on 'New ways of controlling light: photonic crystals, metamaterials and beyond'. Prof Monro is the Director of the Institute for Photonics & Advanced Sensing at the University of Adelaide. The purpose of the Oration is to enrich teachers’ understanding of their subject, rather than be a briefing on secondary content.
  • Five sessions of 55 workshops in the day and evening program on the Friday.
  • A VCAA session reporting on the recently completed survey on School Assessed Coursework (SACs)and explanation of a follow up survey on possible formats for the end of year exam in 2013. See below
  • Extensive display of texts and equipment.
  • Saturday Tours of the Australian Synchrotron,the Brash's Soundhouse and the Victorian Space Science Education Centre as well as a two hour in-service at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

Conference Opening

The opening to the conference included a rolling powerpoint of events and activities for students and teachers organised by the AIP (Vic Branch) Education Committee, see below. The events and activities include:

VCAA Session on Changes to the way Physics is Examined and Assessed

Maria James, Science Curriculum Manager, spoke on the background to the change, the results of the survey on the proposed assessment structure and weighting for School Assessed Coursework (SACs). The survey closed on 15th February. Maria also introduced a second survey on the end of year exam that addressed the issues of exam length, content coverage, weighting and choice of Detailed Studies. This survey sheet is listed below, but the survey was available on line until 27th Febraury. Maria presented the results of this survey at the meeting of the VCAA board held on Wednesday, 29th February.

Conference Proceedings

Addresses, Chief Assessor's Report,

Workshops, Video/Audio Downloads

Material will be added as it becomes available from the presenters. Audio and video (i.e. the powerpoint plus sound) files have been downloaded from Monash University. They are currently being edited and the signal boosted before being uploaded to this website.

Opening Address and Physics Oration

The Chief Assessor's Report


Workshops on specific Areas of Study: Material can be downloaded from the page for the Study. Click on link

  • A9: Kinaesthetic Activities to teach Waves and Optics in Senior Physics Courses by Louise Mason, St Leonard's College. Unit 2 Light
  • B10: Teaching the Detailed Study - Further Electronics by Dr Murray Anderson, Camberwell Grammar School. Further Electronics
  • C3, D2: Practical Activities for Light by Helen Lye, ACER, Dan O'Keeffe, AIP Education Committee. Unit 2 Light
  • A5, B5: Glowing graveyards - radioactivity, nuclear decay and nature by Dr David Hoxley and Bob Aikenhead, La Trobe University. Unit 1 Nuclear and radioactivity physics

SACs and Pracs from the $2 Shop. Resources supplied by Paul Fitzgerald from Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar School and Paul Fielding from Billanook College.

Video/Audio Downloads

These are the files of the complete presentation. The first 10 minutes of each presentation are provided below as a sampler.

The first 10 minutes of each talk is available here as a sampler.