Conference 2013

2013 Physics Teachers Conference, Friday 15th and Saturday 16th February at Monash University, Clayton VICTORIA

The Program included:

  • An opening address by Prof Stuart Wyithe of University of Melbourne on 'The first galaxies'.
  • A session of small group discussions on 'Setting the Parameters for a Physics Curriculum'. The Australian Physics Curriculum was released in late December, 2012. VCAA is expected to set up a review panel in early 2013 to develop a study design using the curriculum statement. This session looked at the broad issues. The report of the discussions will be of value to the review panel. Discussion questions and background material can be found here.
  • Report by Bruce Walsh, the Chief Assessor, on the 2012 June and November Exams, during the day program and again in the evening program.
  • Five sessions of over 50 workshops in the day and evening program on the Friday.
  • Extensive display of texts and equipment.
  • A Saturday program of excursion tasters and a medical physics in-service. Four physics excursion venues offered tasters at three times. You selected which one or more to attend. A two hour medical in-service at Peter Mac was also available.

Conference Opening

The opening to the conference included a rolling powerpoint of events and activities for students and teachers organised by the Committee, see below. The events and activities include:

Conference Handouts

Conference Proceedings

Addresses, Discussion,

Chief Assessor's Report, Workshops

Material will be added as it becomes available from the presenters. Audio and video (i.e. the powerpoint plus sound) files have been downloaded from Monash University. They are currently being edited and the signal boosted before being uploaded to this website.

Opening Address

Not yet available.

Small Group Discussions

On setting the Parameters of a Physics Curriculum

The Chief Assessor's Report


Workshops on specific Areas of Study: Material can be downloaded from the page for the Study. Click on link

  • A3, B3: Radioactive underwear - radioactivity, nuclear decay and nature by Dr David Hoxley and Bob Aikenhead, La Trobe University. Unit 1 Nuclear and radioactivity physics
  • A11: Applying Physics to Patient Care by Chris Fox, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre Units 1 & 2 Medical Physics
  • B6, C6: Quick and easy Astronomy tasks to engage your class by Paul Natoli, Ballarat High School.Units 1 & 2 Astronomy
  • C3, D3: Practical Activities for Light by Helen Lye, ACER, Dan O'Keeffe, AIP Education Committee. Unit 2 Light