Conference 2014

2014 Physics Teachers Conference, Friday 14th and Saturday 15th February at Monash University, Clayton VICTORIA

Program Description, Conference Opening, Conference Proceedings

Program Description

The Program included:

  • An opening address by Prof Brian Schmidt of ANU on 'Some Big Questions in Cosmology: What we know, what we don't and the limits of our knowledge.
  • A session of small group discussions as part of the Physics Review Consultation process. The groups discussed assessment issues. See below for more details.
  • Report by Bruce Walsh, the Chief Assessor, on the 2013 Physics Exam, during the day program and again in the late afternoon program.
  • Five sessions of over 75 workshops in the day and late afternoon program on the Friday.
  • Extensive display of texts and equipment.
  • A Saturday program of excursion tasters * and a medical physics in-service. Three physics excursion venues offered tasters at three times. A two hour medical in-service at Peter Mac was also available.

* Synchrotron Excursion Taster: For those who booked the Synchrotron for Saturday morning, the following documents were useful, particularly the safety rules in regard to footwear.

Small Group Discussions

Immediately following the Opening Address, there was session of small group discussion. The discussion started and ended with two short activities on sharing ideas. See the sheet below, for information about the purposes of the session, details of the discussion questions and information about the short activities.

The results of the two short activities and the discussion of assessment issues are now included below.

Conference Opening

The opening to the conference included a rolling powerpoint of events and activities for students and teachers organised by the Committee, see below. The events and activities include:

Conference Handouts

Conference Proceedings

Chief Assessor's Report


Workshops on specific Areas of Study or Year levels: Material can be downloaded from the relevant web page. Click on link.

  • A10, B10: Glowing graveyards by Dr David Hoxley and Bob Aikenhead, La Trobe University. Unit 1 Nuclear and radioactivity physics
  • C5, E5: Teaching Astronomy to Year 10 with lab based practical work by Russell Downie, PLC. Units 1/2 Astronomy. A set of over 20 documents including lesson plans, worksheets, powerpoints for a full topic.
  • C9: Victorian Young Physicists' Tournament by Dan O'Keeffe, AIP Ed Comm. VYPT
  • D1, E1: Physics in General Science: Electronics, electrcity and magnetism by Helen Lye, ACER and Dan O'Keeffe, AIP Ed Comm.Years 9 - 10

The workshop 'D13 Kids can create computer models for Physics!' by Matthew McGovern, Mill Park Secondary College has 11 files including worksheets and spreadsheets. These are at Apps, Applets and Spreadsheets.

The workshop 'D4 and E4 Easy and Engaging Light Pracs by Spiros Liacos, Cheltenham Secondary College has 7 files. These are at Wave-like Light and a couple at Electricity.