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The Australian Synchrotron offers full day laboratory sessions for the Unit 4 Area of Study: Ideas about light and matter as well as the Unit 4: Detailed Study: the Synchrotron and its applications. The lab sessions can be booked any Monday to Thursday from August to October. Bookings can be made at Australian Synchrotron then select 'Education'. Full descriptions of the lab sessions and tours are included there along with a booking form and available dates.

The L & M lab session includes experiments on: i) Diffraction through single and double slits, ii) Photoelectric effect and iii) Emission spectra of elements. The Synchrotron lab session includes experiments on: i) Electrons in electric and magnetic fields, ii) Modelling Bragg diffraction and iii) Emission spectra of elements. Both lab sessions include a Synchrotron tour.


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  • VEA: Synchrotron- An Introduction

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