The resources have been grouped by topic and type in the table below. If a cell in the table has the word 'Yes', there are resources on the topic for that row and of the type for that column. Click on 'Yes' to go to these resources. Click on 'return to top' to come back to the top of this page. The first number in the brackets is the number of files on this website and the second number is the number of other websites with useful resources.

Topic Context Activities Assessment Useful websites
Circuit Models Yes (6,5) None None Yes (0,2)
Circuit Analysis Yes (1,0) Yes (3,2) None Yes (0,2)
Components Yes (1,0) Yes (1,0) None None
Household Supply Yes (1,0) Yes (1,0) None None
Electric Shock None None None Yes (0,1)

The resources on this website have come from teachers who prepared material or found a link that works well with their students. There is much of value here, but as content and technology change there is a need to keep the resources up to date. So if you have a idea you wish to share, please enter details here.

Circuit Models: Contexts

How do you start teaching the topic of electric circuits? This question was posted on the UK Physics Teachers' Forum TalkPhysics by a beginning teacher. These are some of the responses.

  • A model light globe. A pencil lead is held between two crocodile clips and placed or taped inside a jar. The jar is then turned upside down and put in water. The inversion in water means that once the initial oxygen has burnt off, the bulb can continue to glow.
  • A 10 minute Youtube video from a webinar on modelling electric circuits that was followed by an online discussion with about 100 contributions.
  • A link to descriptions of 12 different analogies. There is a link at the bottom of the page to the section on 'Teaching and Learning Electricity' with ideas on misconcpetions, analogies and language to use.
  • The IOP website, Practical Physics, has a webpage on 'Electric Circuits and Fields', which has 16 collections of activities and advice under 14 different headings.

Audiovisual Resources

Marcom Projects: Electric Circuits; Electrical Principles; Sergeant Magnet of the Electron Army

Circuit Analysis: Contexts

Audiovisual Resources

Marcom Projects: Electrical Principles

Components: Contexts

Audiovisual Resources

Marcom Projects: Electrical Components 1, 2 and 3

Household Supply: Contexts

Audiovisual Resources

Marcom Projects: Autoelectrics; Electric Circuits; Electrical Components 1, 2 and 3; Electrical Principles; Sergeant Magnet of the Electron Army

Circuit Analysis: Activities

Easy and Engaging Light Pracs by Spiros Liacos at 2014 Conference also had some Electricity prac sheets. These and others are also available at Liacos Educational Media.

Components: Activities

Household Supply: Activities

Circuit Models: Useful Websites

Circuit Analysis: Useful Websites

Electric Shock: Useful Websites