Excursion Taster: Australian Synchrotron – Cancelled

The planned Excursion Taster for Saturday, 19th February has been cancelled. COVID restictions have meant that there is now no access to the technical floor or the labs. This is expected to be the case until April. It is hoped to re-schdedule the event in Term 2.

The Australian Synchrotron provides specific laboratory sessions for a number of Areas of Study in the VCE Physics Study Design as well as sessions for general topics. These include:

  • Unit 4: Area of Study 1 – How can Waves explain the behaviour of light?
  • Unit 4: Area of study 2 – How are Light and Matter similar?
  • Unit 2: Option 2.8 – How do Particle Accelerators work?
  • General Areas of radioactivity and nuclear energy

These lab sessions are accompanied by a tour of the Synchrotron.
An overview of the programs is provided in this 60 page booklet describing the activities for Years 9 – 12 Physics and Chemistry that can be done at the Australian Synchrotron. Click here for the Synchrotron website and select ‘Education’ to find out more about their offerings.

This Excursion taster shows you the range of practical activities the students can do with equipment that would not be normally found in schools. The taster program will be presented by one of the lab session presenters. This taster also includes a tour of the Synchrotron

Date: Saturday, 19th February

Time: 10:00am

Duration: 90 minutes

Venue: Australian Synchrotron, Blackburn Rd, Clayton

Tickets: Free, but you need to register. Please enter details below. Please note: As a tour is part of the program, this places an upper limit on the numbers.
Visitor Safety Information. Please read this before registering. There are safety hazards on site. There are also restrictions on your attire, e.g. sensible closed shoes are required. Also you need to provide details if you have any of the listed personal health conditions.

Parking. Please enter the facility via Blackburn Rd. At the boom gate, ring the bell and let security know that you have arrived for the Excursion including the tour. Park your car to the left of the boom gate and make your way to the NCSS building on the right of the boom gate (see map).

Emergency Assembly Point. Also please check this map.

Queries: Please contact Vicphysics if you have any questions.

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