Girls in Physics Breakfasts in 2022 – Booking Form


Schools can book for a Girls in Physics Breakfast in either of two ways, by

  • credit card through Trybooking or
  • by bank transfer with an invoice.

The table below shows the fee structure for the different options.

CategoryBy Credit card through TrybookingBy Bank Transfer with an invoice
First TeacherNo ChargeNo Charge
Second Teacher$15 / $5*$25 / $15*
per Student$15 / $5*$25 / $15*

* A discount is available for schools with a low ICSEA rank. Discounts can be applied for by emailing Vicphysics with subject ‘Breakfast discount’.
If you wish to pay by credit card through Trybooking, please return to the Girls in Physics webpage and click on the Trybooking link for the event you wish to book for.

This page is for those who are unable to use a credit card to make a booking. In this case the process is:

  • Complete the table below of booking details and click ‘Submit’.
  • The full details will then be emailed to Vicphysics.
  • Vicphysics will use the details to generate an invoice with the Vicphysics bank account details and emails it to the person initiating the booking.
  • The school then makes a funds transfer to the Vicphysics account.
  • The school generates a remittance advice and emails it to Vicphysics.
  • Vicphysics then checks the bank statement for confirmation of the funds transfer.
  • Once the transfer is confirmed the booking is accepted. Payment must be received by the closing date.

Max number of students per school: To enable more schools to participate, there was an initial maximum of six (6) students per school.
If you have any queries please email Vicphysics with subject ‘Breakfast queries’.

Booking Form