Girls in Physics Breakfast in Traralgon

At the breakfast students from Years 10 to 12 share a table with two or three women who are either in a career in physics or engineering, or are at university as an undergraduate or a postgraduate. The students have a chance to ask questions about their careers and what study at university is like. Students are seated with students from other schools.

At each breakfast there is an address by a prominent scientist, who talks about her area of interest at a level appropriate for the audience.
Date: 16th August.
Venue: Century Inn, 5 Airfield Rd, Traralgon
Times: 7:30am and finish about 10:00am.
Speaker: Prof Rachel Webster, Melbourne University
Topic: Geothermal: Vast energy reserves beneath our feet
Abstract: The Latrobe Valley has very special geophysical structures, making it one of the best places in the world to harness geothermal energy. Geothermal energy has some significant advantages as a renewable energy source, with zero carbon emissions. The vast resource in the Latrobe Valley has the potential to provide both domestic and industrial heat for centuries. This talk will not only cover the geophysics, but also the economic potential of projects either already operating the Latrobe Valley, or with the potential to be developed there
The table below shows the fee structure.

First TeacherNo Charge
Second Teacher$20 / $5*
per Student$20 / $5*

* A discount was available for schools with a low ICSEA rank. Discounts could be applied for by emailing Vicphysics with subject ‘Breakfast discount’.


Two methods to pay are available,

  • by credit card or
  • by bank transfer, an email is generated with the details of the Vicphysics bank account.

Max number of students per school: To enable more schools to participate, there was an initial maximum of twwlve (12) students per school.



There is a 45 min talk, starting about 8:20am followed by questions. After this there are two activities on Careers in STEM i) Quiz and Job Roles Analysis and ii) Case Studies analysis. A Q&A with a panel of guests rounds out the event.

Promoting the event to your students

Sponsors and Supporters

The Girls in Physics Breakfasts are organised by the Vicphysics Teachers’ Network and supported by funding from the Laby Foundation and the Victorian Branch of the Australian Institute of Physics. The program is also supported by the Royal Society of Victoria.