Date: Thursday, 1st Dec, 9:30am – 3:30pm

Venue: Camberwell Grammar School, Mont Albert Rd, Canterbury

Purpose: To enhance the skills and confidence of laboratory technicians in supporting the physics aspects of the Years 7 – 10 Science Curriculum. The focus is on the resources commonly found in schools.

The program includes workshops on:

  • Learning new skills: i) Using and repairing multimeters, ii) Setting up a CRO for demonstrations with both analog and digital versions, iii) Using a Ruhmkorff coil for high voltage demonstrations, etc
  • Setting up Physics Demonstrations for Years 7 – 10 covering a range of topics
  • Quick Tests on Equipment to see it is working or not plus a few hints on fixing stuff with Harvey Edwards from Principles and Practice. Some suggestions are i) Basic fault finding, ii) battery and wire testing, iii) Hodson Light Box lamps – common faults and working out which bit isn’t working, iii) AC adapter – testing/replacing.
  • Electronic data methods in the physical sciences with Doug Bail from Ciderhouse, to help you, teachers and students make the most of the digital data acquisition available to schools. The workshop will include some experiments, chat through tips, maintenance, calibration and analyse some data to help you support the use of this equipment. The session will use PASCO gear but is intended for support of all equipment and particular notes will be made of options available from other suppliers.
  • Electronic data collection with Amanda Lovett from Modern Teaching Aids,
  • Random walk with science toys: Demos for Open Days. Man Lam from Mount Alexander College,
  • Laboratory management hints and lab tour.

The sessions will be conducted by Barbara McKinnon, Dan O’Keeffe, Jane Coyle, Gary Cohen and Peter Furlong from the Vicphysics Teachers’ Network, Svetlana Marchouba from Camberwell Grammar School, Doug Bail from Ciderhouse, Harvey Edwards from Principles and Practice, Amanda Lovett from Modern Teaching Aids and Man Lam from Mount Alexander College.

Cost: $70. Lunch is provided. A copy of the LTAV’s Physics Reference Manual is available at a discounted price of $20.

Book Below: Please note: The booking system does not work with Internet Explorer, so you will need to use another browser. A credit card is preferred, but the system can generate an invoice for payment by EFT if the school does not have a credit card and will not reimburse a personal credit card.

Information for Participants

This was the information provided to the participants to previous events. Updated versions for this year’s event will be posted after bookings close.

Registration Information for 2018 Lab Techs Workshop 118 kB pdf
Map of the venue showing parking and registration 205 kB doc
Map of rooms for Lab Techs Workshop 37.9 kB doc

This event is organised by Camberwell Grammar School and the Vicphysics Teachers’ Network.

LABCON 2022 material

Radioactivity powerpoint from 2022 LABCON plus equipment notes 422 kB ppt
Notes from last Lab Techs Workshop: Van De Graaff, CROs, multimeters and Radioactivity 902 kB pdf

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