Date: Wednesday, 13th September, 9:30am – 3:30pm

Venue: Camberwell Grammar School, Mont Albert Rd, Canterbury

Purpose: To enhance the skills and confidence of laboratory technicians in supporting the physics aspects of the Years 7 – 10 Science Curriculum. The focus is on the resources commonly found in schools.

The program included workshops on:

  • Learning new skills: i) Using and repairing multimeters and ii) Setting up a CRO for demonstrations with both analog and digital versions.
  • Soldering – An Introduction to the Art with Harvey Edwards from Principles and Practice. In this workshop, he will share with you important soldering techniques. This will be a ‘hands on’ crash course on how to solder due to time limitations. Yes, you will be soldering! You will get the full set of notes. The first 60 participants will also take away a “Third Hand”, a Brass Sponge and a couple of other items. The aim is to give you the capability to repair a crocodile lead properly.
  • Electronic data methods in the physical sciences with Doug Bail/Megan Simkin from Ciderhouse, to help you, teachers and students make the most of the digital data acquisition available to schools. The workshop will include some experiments, chat through tips, maintenance, calibration and analyse some data to help you support the use of this equipment. The session will use PASCO gear but is intended for support of all equipment and particular notes will be made of options available from other suppliers. Two versions: one focussing om Motion, the other focussing on electricity and magnetism.
  • Electronic data collection with Amanda Lovett from Modern Teaching Aids. Breaking-down the barrier & simplifying electronic data collection in Year 7-10 Science with simple, easy to run activities. There will be hands-on experiments which explore a range of physics based concepts.
  • Random walk with science toys: Demos for Open Days. Man Lam from Mount Alexander College with support from Neil Champion.  Physics demonstrations are always good for open day as they are easy to setup and pack up. No chemical wastes and no smell. This session is to share ideas of physics experiments and for open day demonstrations.
  • Tour of lab and prep room facilities including animal house plus Laboratory management hints (Svetlana Marchouba)

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The sessions were conducted by Dan O’Keeffe, and Gary Cohen from the Vicphysics Teachers’ Network, Svetlana Marchouba from Camberwell Grammar School, Doug Bail and Megan Simkin from Ciderhouse, Harvey Edwards from Principles and Practice, Amanda Lovett from Modern Teaching Aids and Man Lam from Mount Alexander College and Neil Champion.

The program will consist of 7 sessions.

Cost: $75. Lunch was provided.

Information for Participants

Registration Information for 2023 Lab Techs’ Workshops 124 kB pdf
Map of the venue showing parking and registration 205 kB doc
2023 Program, map of rooms and Activities on CROs 37.9 kB doc
Demos for Open Days 12 pages, 707 kB pdf
Notes from previous Lab Techs Workshop: Van De Graaff, CROs, multimeters and Radioactivity 902 kB pdf
This event is organised by Camberwell Grammar School and the Vicphysics Teachers’ Network.

LABCON 2022 material

Radioactivity powerpoint from 2022 LABCON plus equipment notes 422 kB ppt
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