The following files and web links relate to the aerobatic display by Flight Lieutenant Colin Burrows of the RAAF Roulettes, held on Wednesday, 7th March 2012 at Luna Park as part of the Physics Days at Luna Park. Members of the Roulettes gave aerobatic displays at all the Physics Days in 2013 and 2014, but were unable to offer a display in 2015.  However there has been a display on one of the days in most years since then.  Check information for more details.

Manoeuvres of the Aerobatic Display 219 kB doc

Performed by Flight Lieutenant Colin Burrows.

Worksheets prepared by Paul Fitz-Gerald, Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School.

Worksheet for Aerobatic Display for Unit 3 Motion 276 kB pdf

A 9 page document

Worksheet for Aerobatic Display for ‘Flight’ Detailed Study 665 kB

A 7 page document

Tutorials on aerobatic manoeuvres

A website by James Ballard. This page of you-tube tutorials covers beginners, intermediate and advanced categories. It actually uses a model plane, but the voice over is clear and instructive.

Physics of aerobatics

A US secondary student’s project, but quite detailed (a 27 page pdf file). It’s accuracy has not been checked and imperial units are used at times, but the report is well expressed.

Model Aerobatics

A promotional video for a model aerobatic competition. There are some surprising manoeuvres.