Talk, Dinner and Catching up

Networking Event

The Vicphysics Teachers’ Network invites physics teachers and others interested in physics education to gather in an informal setting for a series of dinners, each with a guest speaker. The guest speakers will address diverse topics touching on curriculum, pedagogy and the discipline itself. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage in discussion and network with colleagues over dinner.

The next occasion is on Wednesday, 13th December at the Auburn Hotel at 85 Auburn Rd, Hawthorn.

Topic: What does the 2023 Nobel Prize mean for School Physics?
The speaker will be Prof Jeffrey Davis from Swinburne University. Jeff leads the ultrafast spectroscopy group at Swinburne where he develops new experimental approaches to reveal ever more details in order to understand and control the physics of complex condensed matter systems. His research interests span from photosynthetic light-harvesting, to semiconductor nanostructures and strongly correlated materials (eg high temperature superconductors).
Abstract The 2023 Nobel prize for developing attosecond pulses of light and associated technologies offer contexts to enrich the teaching of quantum physics at the secondary level. For more details of the Nobel Prize check out the Vicphysics newsletter No 2, Term 4 on our website.

The cost is $45 ($40 for Vicphysics subscribers) and covers a main course and drinks. Flyer.
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