Dates: After school program over two days – Weds, 5th June, Weds 12th June
Times: 5:00pm to 6:30pm, 2 x 45 min sessions, each day
Venue: Both days are on-line only.
Cost: None
Purpose: The revised Study Design for 2023 – 2027 has a significant change in how the assessment tasks are designed. There are only four formats and each must be selected once across Units 3 and 4 for the four Areas of Study. The Unit 4 Practical Investigation has its own format.
You choose the format to assess each Outcome Statement. The formats are listed here.

A.Explaining: Application of physics concepts to explain a model, theory, device, design or innovation.
B.Analysing: Analysis and evaluation of primary and/or secondary data, including data plotting, identified assumptions or data limitations, and conclusions.
C.Applying: Problem-solving, applying physics concepts and skills to real-world contexts.
D. Comparing: Comparison and evaluation of two solutions to a problem, two explanations of a physics phenomenon or concept, or two methods and/or findings from practical activities.

By June, you are likely to have completed two assessment tasks with two of these formats, with two more tasks later in the year with the other two formats.

The PD will enable you:
• to share your experience of using two of the formats for assessment tasks so far this year,
• to learn from the experiences of others for developing tasks for the other two formats yet to be used and
• to use comments from the Audit process from VCAA, to refine your SAC tasks.

When you register below you will be asked to complete a table on the formats of the assessment tasks that you have completed so far.
• 5th June, Session 1: You will be grouped by one of the formats you have used so far.
• 5th June, Session 2: You will be grouped by the other format.
• 12th June, Sessions 3 and 4: You will be grouped by each of your other two formats.

Sessions 1 and 2: Each group in Sessions 1 and 2 will have a moderator. There will be at least 4 groups in each session, one for each format. Group discussion: You will have a chance to describe the assessment task you used, commenting on what worked well, what did not go to plan and how you would do it differently next time. You are encouraged to bring or upload copies of the task to share with the group.

The moderator will record the comments and suggestions. There will also be questions specific to designing an assessment in that format. The moderators will also be looking after the same format in Session 2.

Sessions 3 and 4: The ideas from Sessions 1 and 2 will form the basis for presentations by the moderators on each of the formats. You will also have an opportunity to share with the group your plans for your next assessment task and garner ideas from the plans of others.

Seeking Moderators: This is an important role and a useful addition to a CV. Please consider offering to help when you register below.

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A credit card is preferred, but the system can generate an invoice for payment by EFT if the school does not have a credit card and will not reimburse a personal credit card.

For more details email Vicphysics