The Vicphysics Teachers’ Network held a one-day hybrid in-service on Monday, 21st Nov to assist teachers with their planning of Units 1 and 2 of new VCE Physics Study Design, which commences in 2023.

The program included:

  • Putting the Unit 1 energy theme to work: elaboration, classroom strategies and resources to effectively combine old and new content with Dr Barbara McKinnon.
  • Small Group Discussion on planning Unit 1 with a focus on the teaching order of the Areas of Study, amount of class time for each and possible trimming of the content to fit the semester
  • Managing Multiple Options with Jane Coyle including assessment and the new dot points on ‘Communicating physics’
  • Content briefing Supporting inclusion of Indigenous science in VCE Physics, Emma Barnett, VSSEC
  • Assessment Tasks and logbooks A presentation by Maria James, VCAA Science Manager, followed by small group discussion on what to consider when choosing your assessment tasks for 2023.

All sessions were available on-line.

These are the resources that were prepared for the day:

  • Units 1 and 2 planning 127 kB pdf, 10 pages

    Questions and resources to assist course planning with a proposed week by week program for each Area of Study identifying new dot points.

  • Assessment 39 kB pdf, 4 pages

    Tasks to analyse the new set of assessment tasks, in particular those for Units 3 and 4.

  • Putting Energy to Work by Barbara McKinnon. 5.9 MB ppt

    Contexts for the transfer of energy are explored for each Area of Study in Unit 1. The various models for electricity are also discussed in depth. (28 slides, each slide has notes)

  • Teaching Multiple Options concurrently by Jane Coyle. Folder of resources inc ppt.

    Powerpoint (4.1 MB ppt, 18 slides) on Strategies for option selection, classroom management, work outline, assessment strategies and rubrics plus files on all these. (

  • Indigenous Contexts for VCE Physics by Emma Barnett. 5.9 MB ppt

    Possible contexts and an extensive list of online resources. (10 slides)

  • Assessment Tasks and Log Books by Maria James. 5.9 MB ppt

    Log books, options: teaching strategies and assessment rubrics, Description of possible assessment tasks for Units 1 and 2, Unit 2 Area of Study 3. (31 slides)

The Course Planning webpage on this website has other useful resources including a sample week by week teaching plan for Units 1 and 2 in 2023.


The videos of each presentation are also now available in this Google folder.

Summary of Discussion group reports

The notes from the various discussion groups have been compiled, Course planning and Assessment.

Cost: On site at Monash Tech School: $65 for subscribers, $75 for others, Lunch was provided. On-line: $40 for subscribers, $50 for others.

This event was organised by Vicphysics Teachers’ Network with Monash Tech School as the sponsor.

For more details email Vicphysics


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