Postponed: This event will be re-scheduled later in the year. At this stage it is likely to be after the Nov Physics Exam
For: VCE Physics Teachers and Lab Techs
Purpose:  To give physics teachers the opportunity of working with a large range of practical activities, i.e. demonstrations, experiments, etc. Experienced teachers will be available to guide participants and provide advice. The workshop is nominally targeted at teachers new to teaching physics and those taking Year 12 for the first time or coming back to teaching physics after an absence. However, the workshop will have something for everyone. The expectation is that you will try many of the pracs, including collecting data if you wish.  You are encouraged to invite your lab tech to come along as well.
Date and Time: Postponed
Venue: STEM Centre, Kew High School, High St, Kew East
Program: There will be five 45-minute sessions.  In each session at least five of the following will be scheduled with all scheduled at least three times during the day. When you register, you will be asked to select Yes or No for each the following. Please select at least six to give some flexibility in designing the timetable.  Your name tag will have your personal timetable.
Offerings include:

  • Unit 1 Light and Unit 4 Light: Light phenomena, Refraction, TIR, Interference, Diffraction, PE Effect, Energy Levels
  • Units 1 and 3 Electricity: Circuit kits, EMI demos, Generators, T’n lines models
  • Unit 1 Heat and Nuclear: Heat Phenomena, Heat Capacity determination, radioactive properties, half-lives of dice and Cs137
  • Units 2 and 3 Motion: Data logging of motion and collisions, springs, Normal force
  • Unit 3 Fields: E and B field pracs, DC Motors
  • Man Lam, Lab Technician, Mt Alexander College: A demonstration of the many experiments and demos that Man Lam has designed. A complement to his popular PHYSCON 2024 workshop.
  • Doug Bail, Ciderhouse: New experiments and data logging possibilities
  • Haines Educational

The range of activities that are expected to be set up are in this file, sorted by Area of Study.
Invite to contribute an activity: If you have designed a practical activity you would like to share, please complete this form. Please note: You will not need to be beside your display during the day.
Cost: Teachers: $95. Lab Techs: $80. There are discounts for Vicphysics subscribers. To obtain the discount, ensure that you are logged on first. Lunch is included.

To book: 


A credit card is preferred, but the system can generate an invoice for payment by EFT if the school does not have a credit card and will not reimburse a personal credit card.

For more details email Vicphysics