The Electric Forces and Circuits module for Science teachers of Years 7 – 10 will be held in term 2 2023 in Wangaratta at Cathedral College. It consists of six two-hour sessions and will be on Wednesdays in Weeks 3 to 8 of Term 2, starting at 3:30pm. Click here for the flyer.

To book for the Wangaratta event enter the details below. 


Please note: The booking system does not work with Internet Explorer, so you will need to use another browser. A credit card is preferred, but the system can generate an invoice for payment by EFT if the school does not have a credit card and will not reimburse a personal credit card.

This event is organised by the Vicphysics Teachers’ Network and is supported by the Strategic Partnerships Program of the Department of Education and Training.

For other queries please email Vicphysics