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Problems, Registration, Competition


1. Conductivity of pencil lines: The lines, drawn by so-called ‘lead’ pencils, conduct electricity. Investigate the factors that determine the resistance of the line.

2. Bouncing ball: If you hold a Ping-Pong ball above the ground and release it, it bounces. The nature of the collision changes if the ball contains liquid. Investigate how the nature of the collision depends on the amount of liquid inside the ball and other relevant parameters.

3. Rubber motor: A twisted rubber band stores energy and can be used to power a model aircraft, for example. Investigate the properties of such an energy source and how its power output changes with time

The team of three students do all three topics.

Resources for VYPT 2014 47.1 kB

List of useful web-links for each of the three topics as well as some more demanding academic journal articles. There is also a table of planning information for the first topic.


Teachers do not need to officially register school teams until the first day of term 4. Registration is free. Schools should download the registration form below, which has space for the following information:

  • School’s Name.
  • Teacher’s name and full contact details.
  • The name of each school team, their year level and the names of the students in each team as well as the topics each student will be reporting and and opposing.
  • The form should also include the principal’s signature

and forward it to the AIP either as an email attachment with subject heading, ‘Registration: VYPT’ or post it to Vicphysics, PO Box 290, Flinders Lane VIC 8009..

VYPT Registration Form 32.3 kB


The competition will be held on Tuesday 2nd December for Year 10 teams and Wednesday 3rd December for Year 11 and mixed teams. A round robin will be held during the morning and the early afternoon. Each team will compete in six 30 minute contests, three as a reporter and three as an opponent. Each team member will be required to report on one topic and oppose on another. So, each team member will have two opportunities to speak.

Venue: Quantum Victoria

The event is likely to be Quantum Victoria, which is on the NW corner of Kingsbury Drive and Waiora Rd in Macleod West, Melway 19, J9. You can only enter the grounds by turning left off Kingsbury Drive, so if you are coming from the South, it may be easier to come along Waterdale Rd, rather than Waiora Rd. The closest railway station is Macleod West. Bus routes 520, 547, 548 and 561 go through the intersection.


There is a trophy for the school of the winning team. Members of the top teams receive a book and a cash prize. All other participants receive cash prizes.