Fields: Electric Field

Unit 3 Fields: The Electric Field

This Area of Study looks at three fields: Gravitational, Electric and Magnetic. Resources for the other fields are available at Gravitational Field and Magnetic Field.

Course planning

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Audiovisual Resources

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  • Marcom Projects: Static Electricity and Electric Charge, Electric Motors & Electric Generators

Classroom Activities

Possible practical activities include:

  • Practical Physics by Gardiner & White: i) Equipotentials and Electric Fields, ii) Electric Fields and Pot'l Diff in Wires
  • PSSC Lab Guide: i) Force between two charged spheres, ii) The addition of Electric forces
  • Physics Experiments by McKittrick: i) Charge on a rubbed balloon, ii) Electric fields in circuits

At the 2020 Physics Teachers' Conference, Dr Barbara McKinnon from Kew High School presented a workshop titled 'D7 Practical Activities for Teaching U3 AOS 1 Fields'. Dr McKinnon provided several documents, these are listed below.

Assessment Ideas

Useful Websites

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