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    At my school, we have not offered any options in recent years and have instead chosen an option for the students.
    I’m at a stage now where I have advocated for change but am getting some pushback due to concern with providing equitable assessment to different groups of students doing different options.
    The concern is that we would find it difficult to justify equity if we were to be audited by VCAA.

    My view is that options are inherently different so there is only so much equivalence VCAA can expect. The best option we have come up with is for a presentation of results of sorts and I note this is supported by the guide in VicPhys resources and the fact that the new SD doesn’t allow for a test (other than some problem solving activity).

    The other teachers would be more confident in proceeding with providing options with more knowledge of what other schools are doing. If any of you would be able to let me know that’d be great. If you’d prefer to email directly please email me at Matthew.Lay@education.vic.gov.au

    Additionally, does anyone know if VicPhys or VCAA have any statistics on how options have been run or will be run? If not, I’d like to set up an anonymous survey for this purpose.

    Best regards

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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