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  • Michael Foster
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    If the Government is serious about science, they should shift the timetable around each year. Being the last (exam) of the list has its drawbacks. Not sure how other teacher go with this, I find it very frustrating when students spent more of their exam preparation on other areas of study. Most of my student also do chemistry and once this exam is done, they have very little left in the tank.
    Furthermore, I think we should look at the cheat sheet. I find that, from early on (year 11), students are led into a false sense of security once they realise they are allowed a generous set of notes for the y 12 exam.
    Finally, does the cheat sheet have any bearing on the scaling. Surly the low scale ( relative to the difficulty of the content) allocated to physics is turning away many good students from this area of study.

    Barbara McKinnon
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    Interesting comment re the timetable. VCAA possibly has data that could show whether having a break between exams has a significant effect on performance.

    Cheat sheet doesn’t affect scaling. Scaling is determined by performance of Physics cohort on the GAT relative to the overall cohort.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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