Colin Hopkins' CDROM

Checkpoints Solutions, Videos, Images, Revision

Colin Hopkins is an experienced physics teacher, who for many years has provided support to teachers and students alike. He has spoken several times at Physics Teachers' Conferences and In-Services on variations on the theme of 'Tips and Hints for Beginning Physics Teachers'. At these talks he has given participants a CDROM of the resources he has compiled and personally prepared. Colin has kindly made this material available to be put on this website.

Colin also send copies of his own teaching documents such as topic notes, revision problems, etc to beginning physics teachers. To get on Colin's mailing list, please contact him by this address.

Checkpoints Solutions




Unit 3

Some of these files were written in Word 2007. It seems that when they are downloaded, they appear as "Bitzipper ZIP" files. These files are being progressively reformatted to an earlier version of Word.