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Text Resources

  • Beiser, A 2003, Concepts of Modern Physics, 6th edn, McGraw-HiII.
  • Caro, McDonell & Spicer 1980, Modern Physics, 3rd edn, Edward Arnold, London.
  • Haber-Schaim, U et al. 1986, PSSC Physics, DC Heath & Co.
  • Serway, RA 1997, Modern Physics, 2nd edn, Saunders, New York.

Audiovisual Resources

It is recommended that teachers should view any video before purchase.

  • Marcom Projects: Interference of Light, Light Pressure for Heavy Ideas, Modern Physics & Cosmology, Waves, Sound and Electromagnetism, Light, Optics and Electricity
  • VEA: The Photoelectric Effect

Relevant papers from recent Physics Teachers Conferences

Articles on the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle (HUP) explanation of Diffrcation

Classroom Activities

Assessment Ideas

IT Applications