If students bring their lunch with them they can avoid queueing at the stalls and possibly missing a ride. There are gentler rides scheduled throughout the day. Students should consider this when planning lunch. Note: There are no drinking taps at Luna Park, students should bring a water bottle on hot days.

Pre-Excursion Activities

  1. Show video of the rides.
  2. On the bus (train) ask the students to close their eyes to concentrate on what their other senses tell them about how they are moving. Other Q'ns: Wil the bus be easier to stop when it is full or when it is empty? Why do you think the steering wheel in a bus is larger than the steering wheel in a car? Banked curves support roller coasters on a bend, look for banked curves on the way to Luna Park, what would happen if you went too fast around a banked curve?, Why is speeding around a curve dangerous on a rainy day?

Luna Park Quiz

A set of questions for students to reflect on the physics aspects of their experiences.