Schools can book a Pasco datalogger supplied by Ciderhouse ICT. For the last several years, there has been no cost to schools.  Schools can book only one datalogger, nominally for half a day. In future the booking will be made directly to Ciderhouse.

To access the data the software can be downloaded for a free trial.

Ciderhouse, the Pasco supplier, has announced that there is a free download of SPARKVue for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad as an alternate to the more traditional datalogger and will have a few vests to safely contain the iPhones/iPods if students don't have a suitable place to safely store the device while on the ride. This app records the acceleration data from the built-in accelerometers in the devices. The standard Pasco dataloggers also measure altitude. To access the app just go to the App Store or iTunes and search for "SparkVue" and elect to install. It's small and free so installs quickly. There's some preset experiment for x, y, z and x/y/z resultant accelerations. Note: For the safety of other passengers and those on the ground, Luna Park does not allow any hand held objects on its rides. Any device must be in a sealed pocket.

Data Files from the Luna Park Days in 2005

NOTE: To run any of the files below, you need to have downloaded the relevant software, see websites above.


Each of these files contain several rides.