2020 Physics Days at Luna Park

The VCE Physics Days at Luna Park are held on the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of a week early in March each year. In 2020: March 3rd to March 6th.

The cost to students will be $26.50 each. To make a booking go to Luna Park. You need to scroll down the web page to access the booking form. Luna Park will invoice the school after the event once actual student numbers are known. An information sheet is also available.

There may be an aerobatic display in 2020 on one or more days, but is yet to be confirmed. If confirmed it will be on the St Kilda foreshore nearby at 10:00am. This link has information about previous displays and the physics of aerobatics.

The Luna Park day normally runs from 10:00am until 2:00pm, but will start 30 minutes later if there is an aerobatic display.

Over 800 students are likely be at Luna Park on each day. To ensure that all students get access to all the rides, a roster will be prepared with schools being grouped and each group starting at a different ride.

There are expected to be 12 rides operating over the four hours, so schools can stay with a ride until their students have had a ride then move on to the next ride in a sequence. Note: Luna Park cannot guarantee that all 12 rides will be available on the day.

Information on a school's sequence of rides, where to assemble before entry to Luna Park, what students should bring, etc will be sent by Luna Park to schools in the week before.

Note: Worksheets will not be available at Luna Park. Teachers should download them from this website, modify if they wish, select all or some and photocopy for their students.

Documents available include:

  1. Information about what to bring, wet weather, etc. (file below)
  2. Background material on the physics of the rides, descriptions of the rides, pre-excursion activities, useful science equipment and a post excursion quiz.
  3. Evaluation sheets for teachers and for students which will also be sent to the school by Luna Park. (file below)

Note: This is the teacher's excursion. Teachers are responsible for their students at all times.