Worksheets and General Resources

The worksheets, answers and the general resources have been written by Gary Bass, Adam Bertram, Keith Burrows, Paul Cuthbert, Matthew Dodd, Paul Fitz-Gerald, Peter Jeans, Russell Downie, Martin Mahy, Dan O'Keeffe, Frances Sidari and Diane Wilkinson. The worksheets are in Word. Teachers should download them, modify if they wish, and copy them for their students. The worksheets have been updated to reflect the changes in the Physics Study Design implemented in 2009, but are yet to be updated for the 2017 course. Worksheets will not be provided on the day at Luna Park.

The worksheets vary in length. Teachers may wish to select some of the rides for which students complete worksheets on the day. In the past some teachers bound the worksheets, while others reduced them to a small A5 booklet.

Worksheets for the Rides

Note: The Metropolis ride has gone and has been replaced by the Speedy Beetle. The G -Force ride has been replaced by a similar, but more complex ride called the Power Surge. There is no worksheet for this ride. The Giant Slide was a temporary ride in 2013. The Body Rock was a temporary ride in 2017. The Silly Serpent was removed at the end of 2019. The replacement ride is the Supernova, but is in a new position.

General Resources

Solutions to the worksheets are available from the Vicphysics at a google drive. To request access to the drive please email the Vicphysics with subject 'Luna Park Solutions'.