Unit 3: Motion

The resources have been grouped by topic and type in the table below. If a cell in the table has the word 'Yes', there are resources on the topic for that row and of the type for that column. Click on 'Yes' to go to these resources. Click on 'return to top' to come back to the top of this page.  The first number in the brackets is the number of files on this website and the second number is the number of other websites with useful resources.

Topic Contexts Activities Assessment Useful weblinks
Newton's Laws Yes (6,6) Yes (2,3) Yes (1,0) Yes (0,4)
Circular Motion Yes (1,3) Yes (2,3) Yes (2,0) Yes (0,4)
Projectile Motion Yes (3,2) Yes (1,3) Yes (2,0) Yes (0,1)
Collisions Yes (5,3) Yes (1,3) Yes (2,0) Yes (0,3)
Springs Yes (1,0) Yes (2,3) Yes (2,0) Yes (0,1)
Energy Transformations Yes (1,1) Yes (2,3) Yes (1,0) None
Special Relativity Yes (18,0) None None Yes(0,9)

The resources on this website have come from teachers who prepared material or found a link that works well with their students. There is much of value here, but as content and technology change there is a need to keep the resources up to date. So if you have a idea you wish to share, please enter details here.

Newton's Laws: Contexts


A quick browse of the internet revealed some potentially useful Physics apps that might be worth checking out. Go to iTunes and search for the title from the table below.

Title Maker Cost(US$) Description
Simple Physics Andrew Garrison $0.99 Lets you design complex structures for everything from tree houses to ferris wheels and then simulates your design. The cost of the design is also determined.
Vernier Video Physics Vernier $2.99 Video analysis software
SparkVue Pasco Free Real time measurement of position, vel and accel'n as well as connection to Pasco sensors.
Khan Academy Physics 1, 2, ... Khan Academy Free Set of instructional videos
Coaster Physics Ziconic $0.99 Design and ride your own roller coaster, gives speed, acceleration and g-forces as you ride along.
Phyzios Studio Phyzios Free Draw objects of any material and watch them interact according to the laws of physics.

Audiovisual Resources

  • Marcom Projects: Motion, Force, Gravity, Physics of Fun (Funparks, Circuses and Stunts), Physics of Motion, Roller Coaster Physics, Vectors, Work = Force x Distance
  • VEA: Gravitation

Circular Motion: Contexts

Projectile Motion: Contexts

Audiovisual Resources: VEA - Projectile Motion

Collisions: Contexts

Text Resources

  • Murray, NW 1994, When It Comes to the Crunch: The Mechanics of Car Collisions, World Scientific, Singapore.
  • Tao, PK 1987, The Physics of Traffic Accident Investigation, Oxford University Press, Hong Kong.

Audiovisual Resources: Marcom Projects - Collisions

Springs: Contexts

Energy Transformations: Contexts

Special Relativity: Contexts

These resources were compiled for the Detailed Study 'Einstein's Relativity' in the previous course. Some content from that course is not in the current study design. That includes: reference to the prediction from Maxwell's equation about the nature of the speed of light, the Michelson-Morley experiment and simple thought experiments on time dilation and length contraction. So some resources may go beyond the current course.

Resources from Physics Teachers' Conferences

Text Resources

  • Arianrhod, R 2003, Einstein’s Heroes, QUP. Good background, particularly on Maxwell.
  • Bodanis, D 2001, E=mc2 A Biography of the World's Most Famous Equation, Pan Books.
  • davie, P and Gribbin, J 1991, Relativity Simply Explained, Dover, New York.
  • Einstein, A 1995, The Matter Myth, Viking.
  • Gardner, M 1997, Relativity Simply Explained, Dover, New York.
  • Hey, T & Waiter, P 1997, Einstein's Mirror, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.
  • Russell, B 1985, The ABC of Relativity, Unwin, London.
  • Scheider, W 2000, Maxwell's Conundrum: A Serious but not Ponderous Book about Relativity, Cavendish Press, Ann Arbor, from Cavendish Science
  • Stachel, J 1999, Einstein's Miraculous Year, Princeton University Press. Original papers translated and with comments.

Audiovisual Resources: VEA - What's special about Relativity

Newton's Laws: Activities

Check VCE Physics Days at Luna Park for a full day excursion.

Circular Motion: Activities

Check VCE Physics Days at Luna Park for a full day excursion.

Projectile Motion: Activities

Collisions: Activities

Springs: Activities

Activity for when schools are closed:Dr Barbara McKinnon from Kew High School uses a Tracker activity called 'The Adventures of Bungee Bear'. The format can be used by students at home to use Tracker to analyse their own experiments. The resources below include video files, notes, spreadsheet and tracker file.

Energy Transformations: Activities

Check VCE Physics Days at Luna Park for a full day excursion.

Newton's Laws: Assessment

Circular Motion: Assessment

Projectile Motion: Assessment

Collisions: Assessment

Springs: Assessment

Energy Transformations: Assessment

Newton's Laws: Useful Websites

Circular Motion: Useful Websites

Projectile Motion: Useful Websites

Collisions: Useful Websites

Springs: Useful Websites

Special Relativity: Useful Websites