Vicphysics News

Newsletters from the Vicphysics Teachers' Network

A regular email newsletter sent to teachers several times a term.

The newsletter has regular features such as Events for Teachers, Events for Students, Physics from the Web as well as new teaching resources from around the world.

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The most recent newsletters are:

2020 Term 2

No 5: Vicphysics webinar

No 4: Physics video on VCE course changes

No 3: Adjusted Study Design is now available

No 2: US and UK resources for home learning, Events for students

No 1: More Resources for Online Learning, Zoom Forum

2020 Term 1

No 6: More Resources for when schools close

No 5: Managing Learning if schools shut, Girls in Physics Breakfasts postponed

No 4: Solar Cell Challenge, PI poster

No 3: More Conf proceedings, Events for Students

No 2: Conference Proceedings

No 1: Physics Events in 2020

2019 Term 4

No 7: Girls in Physics Breakfasts 2020

No 6: Holiday reading, Physics PD

No 5: Physics Conf, Exam Solutions

No 4: Physics positions

No 3: Amusement Park Physics

No 2: Nobel Prize in Physics

No 1: Climate Science. Study Design Survey

2019 Term 3

No 5: New PI Resources

No 4: Physics Conf and PD Budgets

No 3: Physics webinars, NH Physics Exam paper

No 2: Peter Mac Open Day, Regional Physics Talks

No 1: Apollo 11, National Science Week

2019 Term 2

No 6: The Moon: July Lectures; Apollo 11

No 5: Wireless charging, ScienceXArt Comp'n

No 4: Student Forums, ANSTO Events

No 3: Climate Change talk, Extra B'fast

No 2: Online Enrichment, Prac Ideas

No 1: Black Hole, Grade Points, Dark Skies

2019 Term 1

No 6: Girls in Physics Breakfasts, Competitions for Students

No 5: Vic students in International Physics Comp'n

No 4: Chief Assessor's Forum, More Conf Material

No 3: Conference proceedings, Exam Report

No 2: Internet Physics Resources

No 1: Events for Teachers and Students

2018 Term 4

No 7:Holiday reading, Conf Registration, New Resources.

No 6: Physics Teachers' Conference: Registrations open.

No 5: Website Upgrade, Review Survey extended, Real time tracking of satellites

No 4: More Physics positions, Seeking advice on Livestreaming.

No 3: New: Physics Exhibition at Museum, Resources from Perimeter Institute, More Job Ads.

No 2: Physics Review Q'naire, VCAA Solutions to NH paper.

No 1: Physics teacher positions, 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics, More Resources

Extracts from "News" regularly emailed to physics teachers

This email newsletter has been operating since 2003. While many newsletter items have been on forthcoming events for students and teachers, there have been many items of ongoing value on resources, teaching strategies, etc. These have been combined into this one document.

The newsletter has also contained short news items on current physics research and technological developments that might be of interest to teachers and students. The stories can be accessed through either of the two files. The items can be used to add relevance to classroom presentations or used for topical classroom displays.