Online Teaching and Learning

Resources to assist teachers at schools closed due to COVID-19

New material was added on 11th May.

The Adjusted Physics Study Design for 2020 is available on the VCAA website or can be downloaded from this webpage.

Adventures of Bungee Bear: A Tracker Dr Barbara McKinnon from Kew High School has prepared a tracker activity that could be used as a model for students use at home for other Motion experiments. The files are on our Motion webpage and include video files, notes, a spreadsheet and tracker files. The material can be found under 'Springs' and 'Activities', so in the table at the top of the Motion web page, go down to the 'Springs' row, then across to the 'Activities' column and select 'Yes'.

Freely Available Remote Laboratories, FARLabs is an Australian website where students can do experiments that use equipment schools don't have. The experiments are controlled by the students via the internet and they collect their own data. Teachers can normally book time for their students to do an experiment as part of normal class time. However with students currently learning from home, there is more flexibility, but access time still needs to be booked. There are experiments on Radioactivity and Photoelectric Effect, Interference and Diffraction. Teachers need to register before they can book a time.

Also check out Useful Websites and Youtube Videos which includes several teacher developed websites.