Professional Development Activities

Professional Development

Vicphysics organises the following activities:

  • Physics Teachers' Conference. A one day conference held in February. It is usually held on a Friday, whcih allows a Saturday program of Excursion tasters and a Medical Physics In-Service at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. In late November information about the next conference is available under Forthcoming events. Proceedings of previous conferences back to 2000 is under Previous events.
  • Exam Report. An evening event held in late February to early March. The Chief Assessor of the VCE Physics exam gives a full run down on how students performed on all the questions on the exam and the common mistakes they made. The presentation runs for about 3 hours and was live streamed in 2018. The information and the presentation are available here.
  • Beginning Physics Teachers In-Service. A one day in-service held in the Term 1 holidays. At the beginning of the year information about the next in-service is available under Forthcoming events. At other times the information and handouts from the previous in-service is here.
  • Lab Techs Workshops for Years 7 - 10 Physics. A one day program with a range of workshops. It has been held at Camberwell Grammar School in 2017 and 2018 on the last Tuesday of Term 3 on the Government Schools calendar. Details of the program are available here.

Past events that are not currently offered include:

  • Practical Activities Workshops. A series of workshops on activities across Units 1 to 4 of the VCE Physics study design. The worksheets and other materials can be accessed here.
  • Unit 3 Course Planning Day. This was a one day event offered to 2016 to assist teachers with the introduction of the new course. Information about the talks and the handouts are available here.
  • Physics in General Science. This was a mini conference that was run in parallel with the Physics Teachers' Conference from 2014 to 2016. Information about the workshops on offer is available here.