Snapshots of ICT in Physics in Victoria

ICT in teaching Sound by Kelvin Barraclough 742 kB

Applets and Spreadsheets by Alasdair Campbell 55.3 kB

Using computers as CROs, etc. Free web equipment by Gary Cohen 714 kB

Review of PE Effect Applets by Dan O’Keeffe 317 kB

Workshop Sessions

VCE 2002: Time for Change? 25.2 kB

Teaching Intuition by Martin Mahy 31.2 kB

Physics Oration: Photonics- Light waves for communication, new wave in education

Dr Andrew Stevenson, Photonics Institute

Dr Stevenson’s powerpoint presentation has been broken up into 6 files for easy downloading. They range from 1 to 5 meg in size. There is additional text behind each slide which can be seen in “Notes page view”.

Powerpoint file No 1 1.19 MB

18 slides

Powerpoint file No 2 2.4 MB

17 slides

Powerpoint file No 3 3.46 MB

8 slides

Powerpoint file No 4 526 kB

5 slides

Powerpoint file No 5 2.92 MB

5 slides (may be difficult to open)

Powerpoint file No 6 600 kB

4 slides

Powerpoint file No 7 389 kB

4 slides

Powerpoint file No 8 537 kB

1 slide

Powerpoint file No 9 950 kB

1 slide

Powerpoint file No 10 118 kB

5 slides

Notices and Information

Events for Students in 2002 30.7 kB

Physics Gymnasium at University of Melbourne 27.1 kB

Physics online at Balwyn HS 26.1 kB

Physics Olympiad National Qualifying Exam for 2001 154 kB

A flyer on curriculum resources on Space Weather 88.1 kB

AIP Education Committee and meeting dates for 2002 22.5 kB