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Latest News:

Two brief documents outlining climate science and the renewable energy solutions:

Teacher Action on Climate Change

Science teachers have the knowledge base to understand climate change and the communication skills to explain it. We can be an important factor in increasing the community’s understanding of this most crucial issue.

The Vicphysics Teachers' Network established an initiative "Science Teachers for Climate Awareness" (SciTCA). The purpose of which was to raise the awareness of the voting public, starting with your teaching colleagues at your school, and then the parent body, and other community groups.

SciTCA Climate Change Workshops

The SciTCA Committee has developed a package of a selection of PowerPoint presentations, booklets and information sheets. It also organised Climate Change workshops on this material. Five workshops were held ending in 2012.

The presentations from the last SciTCA workshop, Climate Change for Science Teachers on 2 April 2012 are available for download from the box below. If you are interested in more on the BZE Zero Carbon Australia Plan you could look at 'Can the world move to renewable energy in time?' above - or click on this link to go to the Beyond Zero Emissions website

To access materials from past workshops and conferences, see below for recent events or click here for more

Department of Climate Change responds to Plimer's "Expelled" book

At the beginning of this year the IPA sent copies of Ian Plimer's very misleading book How to get expelled from school to all schools. It seems to have mostly died a well deserved death, but if it is still in your school library perhaps a copy of a recent document published by the Australian Government Department of Climate Change: "Accurate Answers to Professor Plimer’s 101 Climate Change Science Questions" should be placed with it. Click on this link to go to the Department's web page to download this document as well as some other good summaries of basic climate science from AAS, CSIRO etc.

STCA Workshop 19th March 2011

Discussion papers

Physics Teachers' Conference Papers

Presentations from Keith's Feb 2015 Science teacher conference presentations and Nov 2014 STAVCON

Note: At the Physics Conference and at STAVCON we only looked at the problems not the solutions. I suggest you also look at the 'Climate Science - The Good News' presentation for ... well the GOOD news! The second file below is mostly looking at the problem of communicating climate science against the backdrop of appaling media coverage of the issue (notably in 'The Australian'). The third file below is the presentation about climate science - it is rather large and unwieldy and I am planning to break it up into more manageable sections. Look back in a week or two for the new version!

These are the presentations from the VCE Physics, Chem and Biol conferences Feb 2015

The following are from previous Stavcons and Science conferences.

Documents by the IPCC and international and national Science bodies

Teaching Resources

What can I do to help