Unit 3 Course Planning Days

Unit 3 Course Planning Days - November 2016

Units 3 and 4 of the new study design are to be implemented in 2017. The next Physics Teachers' Conference will be held in February after the school year has already started. So the Vicphysics Teachers' Network ran two Course Planning Days in late November 2016 focussing on the changes in Unit 3, that is, mainly the Fields Area of Study.

The programs for each day were the same and included:

  • Prof Dick Gunstone from Monash University speaking on 'Fields, Force, Energy and Potential: alternative conceptions, analogies and learning'
  • Prof Richard Morrow from University of Sydney speaking on 'The Physics of Lightning: A context for Electric Fields'
  • Theo Hughes from Monash University on 'Special Relativity: Unpacking the concepts'
  • Small Group Discussions on sample Assessment Tasks for Unit 3. A set of tasks were prepared and used as a basis for discussion and refinement.
  • Examples of Practical Activities related to the new content.

Files from the presentations

Additional files provided in the Registration Folder and in the Laboratory:

These files and individual components in the packages can also be accessed at the webpage on Course Planning and the webpages for the relevant Areas of Study.

Th following files of physics questions by Professors Dick Gunstone and Richard White is also worth checking out.