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Teacher Developed Websites and videos

Teacher Developed Websites

  • SACs, Pracs and Resources for Units 1 & 2 Detailed Studies: Paul Fitz-Gerald's and Paul Fielding's website Paul Fitz-Gerald is at Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar School, Paul Fielding was from Billanook College.
  • The Virtual Physics Course A website by Justin Vincent from Warrnambool College. is a free resource for students and teachers. The site is categorised by unit and topic and features over 45 video podcasts on all key areas of Units 1 - 4, forum, links to relevant web resources, animations and simulations. (VCE Physics Podcasts can also be subscribed to through the iTunes store.) Students can also use the quiz tasks as a revision tool; these are progressively being added to throughout the year. Registering with allows users to track their progress and see suggested solutions to completed all quiz tasks, as well as commenting on posts and using the forum. Teachers can register their classes through a contact on the website.
  • Coyley's Pages: A website by Jane Coyle from St Columba's College of course material for students.
  • Tristan Vale's web page. Free on line learning resources for Year 12 students in 2017. Tristan is from Castlemaine Secondary College. There is also a youtube video showing how to use the resources.
  • Mark Synnot's web page. A resource to help the student. It covers Units 1 & 2 and 3 & 4, as well as Maths pages, and other links.

Lists of Youtube videos

Teaching Strategies

Flipped Classroom

There are large number of websites that provide resources for the flipped classroom.

  • Flipping Physics. This website has been set up by a US Physics teacher, Jonathan Thomas-Palmer, to assist others with introducing the flipped classroom. Features include: i) How to flip your classroom, along with an extensive list of other resources on the flipped classroom, ii) How to learn: advice for students on how to use videos in a flipped format and iii) A very extensive and comprehensive list of his own videos, each with lecture notes. In June 2017, Jonathan conducted a webinar for the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT), which can be accessed on the website.
  • A Level Physics Online. An online source of hundreds of video tutorials that are freely available. They are on the topics of Quantities & Units; Vectors & Scalars; Motion; Forces; Newton's Laws; Work, Energy & Power; Electricity; Waves; Quantum Physics and Properties of Materials. There is also a list of tutorial on practical skills. The tutorials are for UK AS level and so relevant to our Years 11 and 12. There are also resources for UK A level, but access to these needs to be paid for.
  • Isaac Physics is designed to be used by teachers for their classes. Teachers can set up groups, design assignments and track their students' progress. The theory notes are brief, but the problems are comprehensive with an extensive support structure for students. The material is at a range of levels and is a product of the Department for Education of the University of Cambridge.
  • Veritasium by Dr Derek Muller has a wealth of engaging videos.
  • Playposit allows teachers to produce interactive videos with their own questions at key points with either i) their own videos, or ii) Youtube videos. The final video will pause at the key point and ask students to complete a task. The video does not proceed until the task is done. Data on the students' tasks can also be obtained. It is free to join.
  • Resources for Flipping Physics. A website set up by a John Eyre, a UK teacher . It cover a large range of GCSE and A level topics and so is relevant to VCE. Each topic, e.g. PE Effect, has a page of descriptive content along with links to applets and AV material.

Diagnostic Tools

These materials are effective means of teachers evaluating their teaching practice. They are not really designed to be assessment tools.

Websites of Resources covering several Physics topics

Websites of Resources on specific topics

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