2.9 How can human vision be extended?

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Material from Recent Physics Teachers Conferences

Easy and Engaging Light Pracs by Spiros Liacos at 2014 Conference. These and others are also available at Liacos Educational Media.


Text Resources

  • Cameron, J.R. and Skofronik, J.G. 1978 Medical Physics, Wiley
  • Giancoli, D.C. 2014 Physics: Principles with applications, Pearson
  • Greenler, R 1990, Rainbow, Haloes and Glories, Cambridge University Press, Melbourne.
  • Minnaert, M 1993, Light and Color in Outdoors, Springer Verlag, New York.

Audiovisual Resources

It is recommended that teachers should view any video before purchase.

Marcom Projects: Light Fantastic, How Telescopes Work, 'Light, Optics and Electricity', Polarisation of Light, Properties of Waves, Rainbows and Red Skies, Refraction and Images, Waves, Sound and Electromagnetism, What is Light

VEA: The Rainbow


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