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This webpage for the new Area of Study is a compilation of relevant resources from the former Units 3 & 4 Detailed Study: Sound and from the former Unit 2 Area of Study: Wave-like Properties of Light plus extra resources on new content areas. Some of the documents prepared for the previous course may have sections on content that is no longer covered.


Text Resources

  • Rossing, TD, 2002, The Science of Sound, 3rd edn, Addison Wesley Longman, Massachusetts.
  • Greenler, R 1990, Rainbow, Haloes and Glories, Cambridge University Press, Melbourne.
  • Minnaert, M 1993, Light and Color in Outdoors, Springer Verlag, New York.

Audiovisual Resources

It is recommended that teachers should view any video before purchase.

  • Marcom Projects: History of Sound Recording, Physics of Music, Sound in the Studio
  • Marcom Projects: Light Fantastic, How Telescopes Work, 'Light, Optics and Electricity', Polarisation of Light, Properties of Waves, Rainbows and Red Skies, Refraction and Images, Waves, Sound and Electromagnetism, What is Light
  • VEA: The Rainbow


Documents from the Physics Teachers' Conferences

Files froma presentation by Simon Dick, Padua College in 2007.

Files from a presentation by Kelvin Barraclough, Gisborne Secondary College in 2011 of some audio freeware such as osc251 and sweepgen. Another useful piece of freeware is 'Audacity' which is a powerful audio editor and recorder, which can be easily downloaded from the 'audacity' website.

Files by Louise Mason from St Leonard's College in 2012 on the kinaestheic approach to waves and optics.

Easy and Engaging Light Pracs by Spiros Liacos at 2014 Conference. These and others are also available at Liacos Educational Media.


The Victorian Arts Centre used to offer an excursion on Sound. However they decided to cancel the program.

The original presenter of the VCE program, Adrian Alexander, is now offering his program at other venues. The cost of the excursion is $22 + GST per student. Check Adrian's website below for more details.

Classroom Activities

Note: Some of the documents below were written for the previous course, but they may contain still relevant material.

Assessment Ideas

Note: Some of the documents below were written for the previous course, but they may contain still relevant material.

IT Applications

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