Beginning Physics Teachers' Webinar

The In-Service scheduled to be held in the Term 1 holidays was cancelled due to the coronavirus. As a replacement the Vicphysics Teachers' Network ran a webinar on Friday, 10th July. The purpose of the webinar was to support teachers with the changed circumstances of 2020, in particular the adjusted curriculum and the changes to assessment.

The program should also be of interest to experienced teachers.

Support documents prepared for the webinar are listed below.

For One hour PD on Practical Investigations held on 5th August

Webinar Program for 10th July

9:30am Teaching the Areas of Study 1 and 2 of Unit 4

These two Areas of Study are linked conceptually. So while there have been deletions of dot points from both, some thought needs to be given to the background from AoS 1 that supports the ideas in AoS2, for example particle-wave duality and whether some aspects of the deleted dot points need to be covered. This session will discuss the issue. It will also look at a possible timeline to cover for Unit 4. Presented by Dr Barbara McKinnon, Kew High School

10:00am Practical Activities and the Practical Investigations in Units 2 and 4

i) What are some of the practical activities that can be done in Unit 2 and the modified Unit 4?

ii) Managing the Practical Investigations in 2020, keeping in mind that this Year 11 students will be doing the current course in 2021. Different strategies will be discussed for generating topics, supervising the experimental component, compiling a poster and assessing the task.

iii) Guide to reporting on data and data analysis.

11:30am Possible Assessment Tasks for Units 2 and 4 and Strategies for the Unit 2 Detailed Studies

12:30pm Finish

Webinar Presentations

Webinar Videos

Webinar Support documents

Also check out the webpage on EPIs and Practical Activities for information on planning documents, possible topics, poster templates and assessment rubrics plus lots of tips.

One hour PD on Practical Investigations

Vicphysics held a network meeting at 6:00pm on Wednesday, 5th August. There were over 40 participants. The forum discussed aspects of recording, processing and analysing data in practical investigations, with the aim of producing resources that are useful to current teachers and/or students of VCE in 2020.

There was an exciting range of ideas shared.  Many aspects were covered including: Possible topics, phone apps, sources of secondary data, timelines, authentication, etc. These have been summarised in the document below. The document has links to various webpages on this website that will be useful for Practical Investigations. These include: Online Teaching and Learning, EPIs and Practical Activities and Apps, Applets and Spreadsheets.