Practical Activities Workshops and Equipment Fair

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The 2017 program included: Note: This event has been cancelled.

  1. hands on, self paced workshops on practical activities for various VCE Physics topics. Each workshop will start with a brief run through of the practical activities on offer. The workshops are nominally for those new to teaching or new to teaching physics, but they will be of value to anyone seeking to renew or refresh their ideas,
  2. the workshops will also include equipment setups for use in practical investigations, including measuring i) small force changes with a top loading balance and a laboratory jack, and ii) small time intervals such as impact times,
  3. What is this? Please bring along that item from the back of the cupboard that you are not sure what it is used for. A panel of experienced teachers will attempt to provide answers.
  4. presentations of the demonstrations for Electromagnetism for those seeking to enrich their repertoire of demos, twice during the day
  5. all day displays of physics equipment from the suppliers, Ciderhouse and Haines,
  6. tours of the school's science facilities. One tour will include the labs and the 'Journey through Science' corridor of exemplary displays designed to engage students in science. The second tour will be of the preparation areas.

The program is also of value to trainee teachers and lab technicians.

Venue: Camberwell Grammar School, Mont Albert Rd, Canterbury

Date: Monday, 3rd April, 2017

Cost: $60 to teachers and lab technicians plus booking fee. $30 to trainee teachers. Lunch is provided.

Registration: This year the registration will be by Trybooking. You will need to enter your contact details as well as your preferred activity for each of the five sessions. It is suggested that you download the file below containing the program to make your selections of activities prior to going on line.

The program will consist of five (5) 45 minute sessions, with several activities on offer in each session. When registering you will need to indicate which activity you want for each of the sessions you plan to stay for. For some activities, such as the hands on self paced workshops, you may prefer to spend more than one session on the activity.

Electrical Circuits: Experiments from Unit 1 Electricity.

Motion: Experiments for Units 2 and 3 Motion.

Electromagnetism: Experiments from Unit 3 Electromagnetism.

Unit 4 Waves and Light: Experiments on waves and light including interference and diffraction and the photoelectric effect

Unit 1 Thermodynamics

Unit 3 Electric Fields

These six workshops are available in each session. Each workshop will start with a brief run through of the practical activities on offer. Participants can then either:

  • work through as many pracs as they want, or
  • just do enough on a prac to get a sense of it, or
  • ask questions of the supervisor who will be an experienced teacher or just
  • browse around.

Participants can register for more than one session of a workshop if they want to spend more than the 45 minutes on the topic.

Please Note: Participants are asked to download their own copy of the worksheets, see below,if they are attending any workshop.


Registrations are now open and close on Friday 24th March, 2017. This year the registration will be by Trybooking.

Please note: If you wish to attend, you will need to register. The sessions will be held in classrooms, so there is a limit on the capacity.

Information for participants


Please Note: Participants are asked to download their own copy of the worksheets, see below, if they are attending either workshop.

The practical activities workshops, as mentioned above will be informal sessions. There will be supervisors present to answer your queries and offer assistance, but participants are free to wander and browse, or try out several pracs or work through some in depth.

Unit 1 Thermodynamics

Electricity related experiments

Motion related experiments

Light and Matter Pracs

Unit 4 Waves and Light Pracs