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To celebrate Word Engineering Day on 4th March, many groups around the world have prepared or compiled engineering related materials including classroom activities, posters and careers advice material.

The VCE Physics Teachers' Conference is on this Friday, 18th Feb. Registrations are still open.
Registration will also give you access to recordings of all presentations for the remainder of the year, even if your school is unable to release you on the day. A Conference Forum with access from registration is a new feature.

There are two schools seeking physics teachers and there is a story on the fusion energy record.

The next meeting of the Vicphysics committee will be on Wednesday, 9th March online at 5:30pm.  If you wish to attend please email Vicphysics.

Dr Barbara McKinnon (Pres), Jane Coyle (Vice-Pres), Dan O'Keeffe OAM (Sec) and Sandor Kazi (Treas),

Table of Contents
       1. VCE Physics Teachers' Conference, 18th February
       2. World Engineering Day, 4th March
       3. Vicphysics matters
  • Subscriptions
  • Tutor Listing Service
       4. Seeking a Physics teacher? Seeking a new position? (2 positions)
       5. Events for Students
  • Physics Days at Luna Park, Tuesday 8th March to Friday, 11th March - Aerobatic Displays
  • Moon Camp Challenge
      6. Events for Teachers
  • Beginning Physics Teachers' In-Service, Monday, 11th April at John Monash Science School
      7. Physics News from the Web 
  • Fusion energy record smashed by Joint European Torus facility
  • Why is the sun's outer atmosphere so much hotter than its surface?
  • Building a quantum-powered future
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1.  VCE Physics Teachers Conference, Friday, 18th February
The VCE Physics Teachers’ Conference in 2022 jointly organised by STAV and Vicphysics, will take place on Friday 18 February 2022.  It will be a virtual conference.  There will be synchronous (live) and asynchronous (pre-recorded) sessions.

Registration is available at the  STAV website . The program is available there and also on the Vicphysics website.

If you register you will get on-going access to all the presentations, both live and pre-recorded.  So if your school is not able to cover your classes on the day, you can still gain the benefits of the conference.

This conference will also feature a Conference Forum, principally for participants to lodge questions for the presentation on the 2021 Physics Exam paper, but also to ask questions and comment on all the other presentations.

Registration fees:

  • Individual STAV member: $99
  • School STAV member: $198
  • Non-member: $264
  • Presenter/ Moderator: Complimentary
  • Pre-Service Teacher: $55
  • Retired Teacher: $55

The program includes:

  • Keynote address: Innovations in Electricity is !00% renewable now possible? with Dr Bob Sheehy
  • Three sessions of live workshops, each with six workshops on offer
  • Seven asynchronous sessions which will be available to be viewed from 11th February.
  • VCAA Update and Unpacking assessment in the new VCE Physics Study Design with Maria James, Science Curriculum Manager at VCAA
  • Review of the 2021 VCE Physics Examination by Andrew Hansen, Chief Assessor. A summary of the report will be available on video prior to the conference for teachers to view and add questions to the Conference Forum which will be addressed on the day by Andrew.
2. World Engineering Day, 4th March

World Engineering Day was started by UNESCO to celebrate engineers and engineering, and improve public understanding of how engineering and technology are central to modern life and for sustainable development.

STEM Learning (UK) has brought together videos and activities, for primary and secondary students, to explain the importance of engineering in society and practical tasks so they can understand the skills engineers need.  There are 7 packages, each with a detailed description.  These include:

  • Formula for Thrills: An interactive online game from Siemens that sets students a series of challenges to design a roller coaster which needs to reach the end of the ride and at a safe speed. Students use problem solving and mathematical reasoning skills to change some of the track features and see how this affects the speed of the rollercoaster.   The game has several levels, a teacher's guide and answer sheet.
  • Everyday Engineering: A collection of videos that introduce ways that you can find engineering in our everyday lives, and introduces activities that allow us to be engineers in our own homes. 
  • This is Engineering. This is a careers focused website from the Royal Academy of Engineering.  It is an impressively designed website with information on over 16 areas of engineering, engaging personal stories of over 20 engineers and posters.
There are events scheduled around the world, so far Australia has two events planned:
  • Humanitarian Engineering - A Student's Perspective, A virtual event. 8:00am - 9:30am, Weds, 16th Feb.
  • Building Back Wiser - Demonstrating Value (adult focused). A virtual event. 12:00pm - 1:00pm, 4th March
For details click here for a map of the global events, then click on Australia.
3. Vicphysics matters
  • Subscriptions: Vicphysics has changed its subscription model.  From now on, subscriptions will last for a year from the day payment is received. 
  • Tutor Listing Service: The website has a Tutor Listing Service.  There are now four tutors listed.  If you tutor and wish to add your name to the list, please check the website.
4.Seeking a Physics teacher? Seeking a new position?
a) School Positions
The Vicphysics Teachers' Network has a Job Ads page to assist schools in finding a physics teacher.
There is two (2) schools seeking a physics teacher:
  • Virtual School Victoria (closes 17th February)
  • Lara Secondary College (closes 19th February)
The webpage is updated every weekend.  The webpage also has a link on how schools can register a position and lodge a payment for this service.

b) Tutoring Position
TSFX has placed an ad on our website seeking a teacher for tutoring:
Wanted: VCE Physics Teachers (& Other Subjects)
Position: Casual weekly teaching appointment (TSFX Master Classes) outside school hours.
No marking, no meetings, no parent-teacher interviews, no writing.. Detailed course notes will be provided. Excellent PD opportunity.
Commencement Date: From Monday 21 February 2022
Venue:  In-person classes = Melbourne University (Parkville).  Live-streamed classes = TSFX office in Essendon
Additional Info .   Contact:   Andrew Murchie (9663 3311 or 0439 036 561)
5. Events for Students
a) Physics Days at Luna Park: Tues 8th March to Fri, 11th March - Aerobatic Displays
This year Physics Days at Luna Park will be on the above dates.  You can  make a booking here

The cost will be $29.50 per student with teachers free.  Schools are invoiced after the event based on the  number of your students who pass through the turnstiles.

There will be aerobatic displays on both Thursday, 10th and Friday, 11th.   On each day the Display will be at 10:00am with the Physics Day at Luna Park starting at 10:30am and finishing at 2:30pm.
On Tuesday and Wednesday, the days will start at 10:00am and finish at 2:00pm.

Details about worksheets including ones for the aerobatic display, costs, etc. are on our website.

COVID: A correction to this item in the previous newsletter: The policy as in the Education Dept's Operations Guide applies.

b) Moon Camp Challenge
Moon Camp is an education project run in collaboration between European Space agency (ESA ) and the Airbus Foundation, in partnership with Autodesk. Students are challenged to design their own Moon settlement with the free 3D modelling tool, Tinkercad.  It features preparatory classroom activities that focus on learning by design and science experimentation.
There are three levels of challenge from beginner to advanced for students from upper primary to senior secondary, with at least two levels available to any student.
Students can compete in teams of up to 6.
Registrations opened last year and entries are due by 21st April, 2022.
6. Events for Teachers
a) Beginning Physics Teachers' In-Service, Monday, 11th April at John Monash Science School
The Beginning Physics Teachers' In-Service will be held during the Term 1 holidays on Monday, 11th April. 
The program will include practical activities demonstrated by experienced teachers, Sessions on teaching techniques and assessment strategies along with a presentation by the Chief Assessor, Andrew Hansen on preparing students for the VCE Physics exam.
Cost: $40 which includes lunch. ($20 for Vicphysics subscribers)
Information about the program and the link to register can be found here.
7.   Physics News from the Web
Items selected from the bulletin of the Institute of Physics (UK).
Each item below includes the introductory paragraphs and a web link to the rest of the article.
a) Fusion energy record smashed by Joint European Torus facility
The Joint European Torus (JET) nuclear-fusion experiment based in Oxfordshire, UK, has more than doubled the amount of fusion energy produced in a single “shot” – smashing a previous record that JET has held since 1997. Officials today announced that during an experiment in late 2021, JET achieved 59 megajoules (MJ) of fusion energy, beating the previous record of 22 MJ.
b) Why is the Sun’s outer atmosphere so much hotter than its surface?
The centre of the Sun is incredibly hot, at 15 million degrees Celsius. Its surface is much cooler, at 6000 degrees. Then, in the outer reaches of its atmosphere, it becomes hotter again, with temperatures in the solar corona reaching several million degrees. This “corona heating”, as it is known, is one of greatest mysteries of solar physics.
c) Building a quantum-powered future
Quantum physicist and chief executive of Oxford Quantum Circuits, Ilana Wisby, talks about deep tech, entrepreneurship and quantum technologies of the future.

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